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Van Lettering and Van Graphics

Van Lettering and Van Graphics

Van Lettering  and Van Graphics is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. An advertising medium that has no geographic boundaries. Wherever you go, your name, occupation and phone number goes with you. When you are driving down the highways or town roads, your business will stand out from the rest. We make sure each of our customers has a unique design because each business has a unique service to offer. We understand each business needs to stand out from the competition. Companies who have a distribution channel using fleet vehicles have a great opportunity to take advantage of mobile marketing. It works! Traveling down the road, highways, city streets or parked in front of a customer’s home or place of business. When a neighbor sees your truck parked out front with your company logo and contact information, there is 91% chance of your getting a call – today!

Materials & Service

Whether we design your custom van lettering and van graphics layout or use your existing scheme, prior to applying the image to the vehicle, we will show you the computer generated vehicle template with the finished proposed design. You will be able to visualize what the vehicle will look like before we begin the job.

Van Lettering

We offer the following van lettering and van graphics techniques:

  • Hand lettering and airbrushing with high gloss enamel paints including shadows, drop shadows and blended effects.
  • Our state of the art digital printer enables us to add fades, bevels, and other special effects to colored vinyl lettering.
  • 22 karat Sign Gold.