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Car Lettering and Car Graphics

Car Lettering and Car Graphics

In the Movies

Crivello Signs has been commissioned to create some unique car lettering and car graphics. We are now given permission to speak of a race car intended for the movies here in the Greater Boston area. Check out this black Dodge. Crivello Signs added the pin striping and flames, keeping with the year, make and model while giving the pizzazz it needs for its day in the movies. We’ll let you know what the name of the movie is as soon as we find out. Buy Replica Watch Online

The Half Midget Race Car

We were recently given a project to add car lettering and car graphics to this specialty car. This car called the half midget. It was built sometime in the early 50’s. The owner is unsure of the exact year, but was sure of the era, revealed in the trim and the accessories. This car has not been restored and is original with blemishes, rusty chrome and all!

Crivello Signs’ job was to add some car lettering and car graphics keeping with the age and style of the car. After some research, we came up with the number in the back using a 50’s style font using gold numbers with black outline and some white highlights. A similar font, style and color in italics names this hottie – Offyette 1/2 Midget you see on the side.

We are excited to be part of the preservation of history of the midget racing cars loved by Americans and Australians alike. The cars are a family affair, maintained by Mom or Dad, and driven by the kids between ages 11 and 18.

This midget car is on loan for the next two

Half Midget Race Car years in an unknown museum in Maine.